BDC's flexible daily and weekly schedule accommodates individual campers and families unique needs. The following describes the BDC schedule and our activities.

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Spanning eight 1-week sessions, BDC offers full-day full-week schedules (Monday through Friday) for campers five years old and up, and partial-week schedules for young children under five.

The following is the daily camp schedule for campers ages 5 to 12 (rising K through 8th grade):



Early drop off




Opening Assemblies by Hills (see details below Groups)

9:00 - 12:00

Activity Periods



12:30 - 1:00

Tent Time

1:00 - 4:00

Free Swim and Choice Activities for Admirals Hill.
Choice, Free Swim and Afternoon Activities for Mariners and Sailors Hill
Quiet time, Free Swim, and Afternoon Activities for the YCPs


Tent Clean Up, Snack, and Closing Assemblies



4:30-5:00 Late Pick up
5:00-6:30 Family Swim pool open and guarded, Free of charge to camp families

Tent Groups - K-8th Grade Campers are divided by gender and age into Tent Groups. A camper's tent group is his/her family for their time at BDC. Tent groups are generally between 14-16 campers with 2 university students as Tent Counselors. This unit of 2 adults and approximately 15 campers travel to various activities via a written Central Schedule. The Central Schedule allows Tent Groups to switch activities approximately every 45 minutes throughout the day. Afternoon schedules allow for choice periods commensurate with age.

Hills - BDC organizes the Tent Groups in age appropriate hills. Each hill is monitored by a Hill Head who oversees the Tent Counselors and supports campers and families throughout the day at BDC. Hill Heads report to the Camper Life Director who offers additional support when needed. The following are the three hills:

  • Camper Leader Program: 15-16 Year Olds / 9th - 10th Grade
  • Admirals Hill: 10-14 Year Olds / 5th - 8th Grade
  • Sailors Hill: 7-10 Year Olds / 2nd - 5th Grade
  • Mariners Hill: 5-7 Year Olds / K - 2nd Grade
  • Young Children's Program: Under 5 Year Olds / Infant - Pre-K

Central Schedule - The Central Schedule is written for the season based on a one week rotation. If a camper comes to camp for five consecutive days in one week, he/she is guaranteed to visit every activity at least once with his/her Tent Group and have the opportunity to attend each activity another time during Choice Activity Periods in the afternoons. If a camper attends camp on a shortened (MWF or TTH) schedule he/she will not be able to attend every activity in that week. To ensure that your child takes advantage of every activity offered, BDC strongly suggests attending camp five days per week.

Activities - Activity Heads and Program Staff create scope and sequence curricula in each area. Because the Tent Counselors play and learn with the campers during the activities, BDC campers enjoy an adult to camper ratio of approximately 1:6. Many BDC Activities are our own creation. These activities emphasize creative play in various areas. The following is a list of all BDC Activities:

2D and 3D art is offered in our open air studio. Campers enjoy a unique curriculum created with equal emphasis given to art process and art production.

Using the standards of the National Archery Association, campers learn safety, technique, and concentration while enjoying the thrills of shooting arrows into targets with bows.

In an extremely safe environment, campers explore canoes, kayaks, Day Sailors, Sunfish & 420 sailboats in both Little and Big Cliff Pond in Nickerson State Park. Campers and counselors always wear life jackets and are overseen by our certified staff from our chase boat and from within the camper boats. This is our Boating & Sailing Experience (BASE) at BDC.

Brewster Day Camp Outdoor Challenge is our Low Ropes Challenge Course activity which has 10 group and individual initiative elements. The BDOC Activity Head is a trained and experienced Low Ropes Instructor.

Encourages campers to explore interpersonal relationships and our connection to each other and the larger community. This activity offers campers the opportunity for coaching and oversight of group play to increase social skills. Campers also embrace community service in this activity.

In this activity campers learn all about BDC and camp related themes as well as begin to embrace more abstract ideas such as "our place in the world."

Field Sports teaches younger campers basic skills focusing on one or more sports per week. Older campers travel off campus to the local public fields and play big group games such as soccer, baseball, or Nauset ball.

Housed in our Yurt, Song Theater And Rhythm is our creative theater activity. Campers enjoy signing, making music, and explore various theater games. Each week, interested campers join the BDC Players and produce a wonderful theater performance for the entire camp on Friday afternoon in our open air theater in the round.

Regardless of age or skill level, all campers are offered a daily Red Cross Swim Lesson in our environmentally friendly pool. Each afternoon campers may visit the pool a second time for a free swim. Often older campers are invited to travel off campus by foot or by bus to swim in the many local fresh water ponds or at the salt water ocean beaches. BDC Certified lifeguards are vigilant about safety when campers are in or near any water. Our pool is open and lifeguarded free of charge every evening from 5-6:30 so that campers may enjoy a Family Swim with their loved ones - picnics are welcome!

Mixed Up Games and Stuff is one of BDC's most popular activities for girls and boys both young and old. In this activity campers make up their own games and rules and learn that creativity can be found on a sandy ball field. Learning the values around sportsmanship while playing many "out games" is an important part of MUGS.

Everything Cape Cod is our nature activity thus named to entice campers to be environmentalists and naturalists while learning the joys of living on a healthy planet and embracing ways to take care of our precious earth.

Choices and Challenges

BDC encourages all campers regardless of age, to set and achieve personal goals through a variety of programs all of which are included in the basic enrollment fee. Inspired by our Activity Staff, campers accomplish their goals in activities of their own choosing. Tent Counselors and Hill Heads coach campers on how to make daily choices which best suit their individual goals. The following lists some of the Choices and Challenges offered at BDC:

  • Wednesday Swim Meets - BDC welcomes guests such as Cape Cod Sea Camps and the local Town Recreation Programs to swim in our wonderful pool against BDC Swimmers. Each camper receives first through fifth place ribbons in their individual races. There is no limit to the number of races a camper may enter. Parents are welcome to attend BDC Swim Meets and cheer from outside the pool!
  • Choice Activity Period - Each afternoon BDC offers Choice Activity Periods for one or more hours depending on age and day of the week. Daily, campers choose to revisit favorite activities to engage further in the rich curriculum offered.
  • Special Events - Special Events are offered to regularly scheduled campers at no extra charge. Children not registered for camp on the day of a desired Special Event, may add the Special Event as a single camp day or Extra. See the Enrollment Form for details. All Special Events take place rain or shine.