The following testimonials are quoted from our voluntary online survey.

These surveys are submitted by camp families, reflecting on their experience at BDC last summer.

From A New BDC Family:

"I just wanted to let you know how much we all loved our experience at Brewster Day Camp.  It was a very special week.   As I told you in person, but wanted to be sure to reiterate, your counselors are amazing!  The time they all took to get to know each of my kids (even my nieces who were only there for two days) was incredible.  They cared so much and demonstrated it over and over again.  When (the counselors) said goodbye to (my son) on Friday, they made him feel so special. My husband said, 'if I had seen the goodbyes, I would surely be in tears. ' When (the counselor brought my son) over to me to say goodbye, he took the time to let me know how (my son's) week went and how much both he and (the co-counselor) enjoyed having him in their tent.  I could tell that he cared, and I appreciated so much the time he took to see me.  Both of my nieces also cannot stop raving about the experience.  All four kids are still talking about all of the fun things they did at camp like the swim meet, archery, building forts, ultimate frisbee, kayaking and paddle boarding.  Both boys also made friends that we will definitely see outside of camp.  You have created such a caring community with fantastic opportunities and activities.  As a family we have moved six times in the past eight years (even though we always come back to Brewster in the summer) and so I have a lot of experiences with many wonderful private schools and camps in several cities but I can tell you that Brewster Day Camp has been one of the best places that we have been apart of."


About Camp:

“BDC was our best camp experience EVER! I hope to send (our daughter) for a full week next summer. She loved it. The enthusiasm of the staffers and the care they provide is incredible...and the activities offered are great, too!”

“Having never been to the Cape before (from Texas), we did not know what we were in for. BDC made the whole trip a wonderful experience. Your different day combos were great because we did not want to send our kids every day. (BDC was) the only camp we saw that would take our 3 year old as well as our 7 year old… That was key! The camp itself is like a dream. I wish adults could attend. Thanks for a wonderful experience they will never forget!”

“My camper arrived in June with doubts about her ability to make friends. After the summer, she said, ‘this year at school I will keep my camp feelings inside me. Then I know I will be fun and confident and make friends… I love camp.’”

“The whole camp embodies a community and values system that a typical school does not and cannot. I think you guys are doing a phenomenal job. I really love BDC!!! I think our kids do too.”

“Rarely have we encountered an organization that makes you feel safe and enfolds campers (and camper leaders) in such a positive, adventurous, resilient, kind, and humorous environment.”

“After camp ended last week, it only took until Monday afternoon for me to hear my child say ‘I miss camp.’ I think that says it all! He was doing lots of things that day. . .beach, reading, pool. . .but it still wasn't as fun as BDC!”

“I especially LOVE being greeted by camp heads, hill heads, and counselors in the mornings. I come away a more centered person for having dropped my kids off at camp. There's a CAN DO spirit and a regard for other people and for the world that pervades the camp, and it starts in the parking lot.”

“This was the first time that all three of my children were equally excited and enthusiastic about the same summer camp. They all had a great time and each came home happy each day they attended. Bravo!”

“BDC combines excitement with tranquility in a way I have never seen before. I love the motto and I believe that BDC sticks to it. The broad range of activities for the kids is outstanding and the program staff is provided with all the materials they need to make their activities the best possible. The kids always, always come first.”

“I love BDC's mission to provide an avenue for children to grow and mature. The fact that BDC is rarely centered on competition creates an environment that allows campers to grow into themselves as opposed to a reflection of others. I believe the emphasis on play is the foundation of this idea because it frees campers to explore their interests.”

“You make the children feel like they are a part of something special. You make them feel that they are on the best team full of fun and encouragement each day. You challenge children to be the best friend and citizen that they can be. You teach them to strive to be a winner and to do their best!”


About Our Staff:

“You continue to have the nicest, most well-trained staff, which inspires the campers. You also continue to provide an environment rich with tradition and good spirit.”

“Our family experienced some unique stresses this summer. During our transition, the BDC staff was unbelievably supportive of our three children. They accepted each as an individual and were able to provide them support that was meaningful and amazing. The kids would not have faired as well without BDC in our corner! A special shout out to (the counselors) for going above and beyond.”

“I was very impressed that your counselors knew so many kids' names quickly. Within 24 hours, a dozen counselors were saying ‘hi’ to my children by name. By the end of the week everywhere they went the children were greeted by name. I think this is amazing and makes the kids feel at home. The BDC facility is delightful.”

 “Your staff is on top of everything that a concerned parent would want: From parking and greetings, to pick-ups, and making their younger children feel safe and special.”

“Everything else you do is superb. Far better than ANY camp we are familiar with...and we are familiar w/most! We could write volumes about (the counselors). Suffice to say they were/are terrific role models for our kids and just extraordinary people.”

“Your staff is amazing and it is obvious that everyone who is at BDC wants to be there. There is such a positive energy every day, and it radiates to all who come to BDC.”

“The warmth of the counselors and their obvious attention to each individual camper is really special. Seeking to challenge campers and also make them feel secure is no small thing.”

“You have an amazing ability of hiring great people! I'm still not sure where you are finding them!”

“The size of your staff gave me an overwhelming sense of security. Having sent my girls, now adults, to overnight camp every summer for more than 10 years, your camp is very, very well kept, clean and with an overabundance of staff. I've already recommended BDC to many of my friends, both for their children and grandchildren.”